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Spot delivery (or spot financing) is a term used in the automobile industry that means delivering a vehicle to a buyer prior to financing on the vehicle being completed. Spot delivery is used by dealerships on the weekend or after bank hours to be able to deliver a vehicle when a final approval cannot be received from a bank.

If your car dealership called you after you bought your car to renegotiate your financing, then you may be involved in a type of auto fraud called “yo-yo sales.

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The complexity of car buying combined with changing dealer incentives has created an environment ripe for consumer abuses. In recent years federal regulators have focused increasing attention on auto financing—in particular, the practices of car dealer interest rate markups and “yo-yo” scams.3 These practices drive up.

YO-YO Financing. You sign all the paperwork and you are given what you think is the final loan contract. You drive away believing you now own the car. Then the dealer calls and says the financing was denied and that you must come back and sign a new contract. The contract has a higher interest rate or requires a larger.

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challenging “yo-yo” or spot. only to be told days later that the financing has fallen through and the deal has to be re-written or the vehicle returned.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the spot delivery car dealer scam, but didn't know who to ask. Also known in the industry as the "financing fell through scam," "resign documents scam" or "yo-yo financing scam." spot delivery car dealer scam car with interest rates floating around | AutoCheatSheet.com. This dealer.

In a perfect world, you’d never have to borrow money. You’d always save for things like. then you want or need something and you go right back to the credit card and run it back up. Like yo-yo dieting, it’s a vicious circle,” Vargo.

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Odometer rollbacks; Dealer kickbacks from lenders; Unauthorized credit checks; Financing fraud, by the failure to properly value or credit the trade-in; So called " yo-yo" deals, where the dealer later calls back and indicates the financing fell through; Financing fraud, by rolling negative equity in the trade-in into the cost of the.

I am struggling to buy a car through financing institutions. Is there anyone selling a car privately where we can enter into written terms and conditions. Why are you struggling. For what amount would you like to buy a car.and be careful of.

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Yo-Yo Financing: Don't Fall for This Car-Buying Speed Trap. John Rosevear, AOL.com. May 9th 2012 10:40AM. Car salesman Have you ever jumped the gun at a stoplight — rolling into the intersection before the red light turns green? You might get away with it. Then again, you also risk getting a ticket. Something similar.

Nov 9, 2017. when a consumer financing the purchase of a motor vehicle takes. 16 possession of the vehicle prior to finalizing the terms of financing. 17. In some cases, spot deliveries may result in deceptive practices, 18 such as yo-yo sales. A yo-yo sale occurs when a consumer signs a. 19 financing contract with the.

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Dec 26, 2016. Do not fall prey to the "yo-yo scam. A typical yo-yo scam looks like this: after negotiating a contract, the car dealership tells the consumer that she is “all set” to buy the car she has carefully selected to take home and that her credit. If you can't get immediate financing, wait until the financing is approved.

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6 days ago. You've finally filled out all the paperwork for a new or used car and drive it off the lot in triumph. Then the dealer calls you and tells you that you have to return the car because your financing didn't go through. What's going on?

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Not knowing what else to do, she returned the car, which left her without transportation. For Carolyn Edwards of Wellington, Fla., the yo-yo financing nightmare started three weeks after she bought her Range Rover. The d

Throughout 2011, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) convened a series of roundtables to explore abusive practices in the auto lending market. One abuse that received particular attention was the. “yo-yo scam". The yo-yo scam occurs when a car buyer who finances the car through the dealer believes that the financing.

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Bushing, Spot Delivery, or Yo-Yo Financing: This classic “your financing fell through” story where they sold your trade in already and need you to come back in an pay more or get sued. Curbstoning: A private party tries to pose as a dealer. Financing Fraud: A dealer lies about your credit score, tries to claim they won't accept.

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Consumers with less than perfect credit are far more likely to be the targets of yo-yo financing scams

You may be a big fan of spot delivery in your dealership, but if you’re not doing it right, you may be hearing from the FTC.

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Feb 6, 2013. That's because the terms of the loan deal discussed at the dealership can change to a much higher rate after a buyer takes a car home. Unscrupulous dealers may try to bring buyers back one or more times to sign new, costlier deals — a practice known as "yo-yo financing." Prodded by state attorneys.

May 09, 2012  · Have you ever jumped the gun at a stoplight — rolling into the intersection before the red light turns green? You might get away with it. Then again, you also risk getting a ticket. Something similar can happen to car shoppers, too. Only the risk isn’t getting caught in a moving violation — it’s.

Yo-yo financing is technically legal in some states, but it’s still a scam. Find out all about this underhanded financing tactic at Green Light Auto Credit.

You Can Do Something When a Dealer Takes Your Car Back in a Yo-Yo Sale. 4/ 6/2016. Comments (0). When the dealer handed you the keys to your new car and you drove off, you assumed that was the end of the purchase. You applied for financing, the dealer said you were approved, and you were the proud owner of a.

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Illegal. Call it what you will. The industry has given it a name: Spot Delivery, a description which refers to the dealer placing a consumer in a car "on the spot," to get the sale, only to "yo-yo" them back at a later date for additional funds. Played to perfection, a dealer can reap thousands of dollars in unearned fraudulent gain.

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Nov 9, 2010. This is the yo-yo scam. When you signed your original loan papers, you might have missed a sneaky contract clause that said the deal was “subject to” or “ contingent on” final approval. It's the ultimate pressure game–once you've driven the car a few days, programmed your favorite radio stations and.

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Not many kids play with yo-yos these days, but an FTC complaint against nine related Los Angeles-area car dealers charges that the companies engaged in (among other things) illegal yo-yo financing practices – and for affected consumers, it was no game.

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Heard of the Spot Delivery scam? It’s also known as yo-yo financing and it’s a form of car buying scam. Read on to learn how not to get taken.

Oct 03, 2017  · SUBSCRIBE HERE!! https://www.youtube.com/kevinhunter Have you been the victim of Yo-Yo FInancing? Did you go into a.

Sep 29, 2016. WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Federal Trade Commission today charged nine Los Angeles-area dealerships and their owners with a wide range of deceptive and unfair sales and financing practices, including payment packing and using "yo-yo " financing tactics. According to the FTC's announcement, this is.